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GVSU Downtown Development


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I have to say that almost anything would be better than the "back-end" style brick wall currently there. The site for my current project in school is not too unlike that, actually. Perhaps the patterned white panel blocking the windows is meant to establish some kind of connection with the retaining wall and white utility of 131.

Not to mention, the one thing that really pops out white panel or concrete is foliage. A green roof would be excellent, especially in passage along 131.

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I've seen construction like this done before (the bolted steel), but I can't remember where. Maybe when I was at WMU. It seems to be an inexpensive way to build 3-4 story buildings.

Most "office" building that are less than 5 stories are built this way. Economical and a quick way to get your structure in the air.

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It was too freaking hot for me to walk all the way across the river to get good pictures of this today, but if you look really close at this image, you can see that walls are being attached to the frame of the addition over at GVSU:


Image courtesy of the JW Marriott webcam on the Grand Plaza. Not a bad little camera they've got there...

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