TruHotel/Hampton Inn & Suites dual brand in Gulch, 200 rooms, est. 8-10 stories, $35 million

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A new dual-brand hotel is coming to the South Gulch at 602 9th Avenue South.  Shailesh Patel, a hotel developer based in East Tennessee, is heading up the $35 million, 8-10 story project that will split 200 rooms, parking levels, and amenities between Tru by Hilton and Hampton Inn & Suites brands.  Estimated completion will be September of 2019. There will be another 11-story Tru Hotel being built just 5 blocks away that is supposed to be finished by summer of 2018.

No renderings yet, but here are what the some of the interior of the Tru by Hilton portion should look like:

Screenshot 2016-11-14 11.02.28.png

Screenshot 2016-11-14 11.02.55.png

Screenshot 2016-11-14 11.04.41.png

Here is the existing warehouse that will be razed for the project:



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11 minutes ago, titanhog said:

With Patel saying the hotel will be 8 or 9 will look, at least slightly, different than those renders.

....And hopefully, will add considerably more to the neighborhood than the warehouse.

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Heres the other Tru Hotel and home 2 suite they planning for Sobro will be built where the strip club is ,

I wonder why they're building two of them so close together its like Hilton and Marriott are competing with each other. that's so many in the area of different brands


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