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RiverLights New Development

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Just went by the new RiverLights development off River Rd south of Wilmington. This is a great new master planned community over 1400 acres and with river access. They are building a great restaurant building right on the river and will have boardwalks and parks along the river. Plus there is some retail with apartments or condos above. Del Webb has started their age restricted community already in the community and I think other model homes are opening soon. Looks like a great new community. Could not find a master plan of it anywhere so if you know of one share it. Here is there webpage for the community http://www.riverlightsliving.com/





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Went by this 2200+ plus master planned community on River Road south of the port.  Over 130 sold and houses being built furiously.  From today.  Many retirees moving here in addition to families. Rental apartments in the Marina Village over shops.  New Hanover County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state and new construction is everywhere. 













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Great start.  Hope they have plans to keep adding on. Could grow in to a Rosemary Beach FL type of deveopment(minus the white sand and emerald water).  I hope there is a conservation area to protect some of the wetland. I always thought Wilmington and SE NC coast was underdeveloped.  I get the notion that the communities don't want to be a Myrtle B clone.  However, the area has to adpat or die. If anything capitilize on eco-tourism but give folks some entertainment and modern coastal living options. This whole region is a hidden gem. 

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Riverlights is a huge master planned community on riverfront land that was never developed before.  There are lots of parks and wetland preserve areas in the master plan.  They are building homes like crazy there. 

It surrounded by residential on the east and south sides already.

Here is the community map


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