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HIllsborough St,/Harrington/West block

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More details contained in the AAD submittal to the city!!   http://www.raleighnc.gov/content/PlanDev/Documents/DevServ/DevPlans/Reviews/2017/AdministrativeAlternate/AAD-009-17.pdf

I think this is the right thread for this? Looked like some fencing was up on the back side of the property.

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The plan also includes adding some levels to the Powerhouse Square parking deck.

This of course again brings up the question of the 20 story limit in Raleigh. My thoughts:

  1. I think 20 stories is tall enough and don't care about crafting a perfect skyline or building more skyscrapers to somehow increase Raleigh's profile. I am also not worried about a 20 story "plateau effect." Personally, I would not consider any building of at least 8 stories anywhere downtown to be a waste of space, considering that there is still a LOT of underutilized land left downtown.
  2. On the other hand, I don't like how the renderings for the 301 Hillsborough complex makes it look like a monolithic borg cube and I am afraid we will see more of the same on this block.
  3. I tend to think height restrictions downtown are unnecessary and pointless meddling; however, I do wonder if these 12- and 20- story caps are causing more developers to pull the trigger right now, rather than holding out for something bigger and potentially more profitable, which will result in a quicker buildout of the underutilized lots downtown - in which case it's actually having a positive effect.
  4. BUT, again, I would NOT want to see downtown Raleigh built out as a bunch of borg cubes.
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Best I can tell from Site Review Plan + AAD... 220 residential units on levels 9-20.  office on levels 4-8.

Regarding parking:  looks like 1 below grade level.  Parking on levels 2 and 3.  And then adding ~5 levels to the powerhouse sq. parking deck.

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Despite being yet another 20 floor building with similar architectural themes to 301, I quite like this one.

The dimensions are much better than 301 Hillsborough and it'll block the view of the Clarion from the west, which I consider a major bonus.

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Works for me. I learned a tad reading the notes...."required urban plaza"...is that something new in the UDO? Also "contextual relationship of proposed building base to neighborhood"...is this a UDO item too? I can appreciate those little touches getting us better sidewalk interaction and urban form out of buildings but this is the first time I've ever seen such terminology. Anyway if any block in downtown needs a good 20 story building, this is it (although I admit, I used to dream up hipster uses for the old corner gas station there...sweet coffee shop or cafe/diner, bike shop with those big windows displaying the goods, even a very odd American Apparel (RIP)).  

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22 hours ago, KJHburg said:

New 20 story building approved by city now awaiting an anchor tenant at 400 Hillsborough Mixed use building with office space and apartments atop existing parking garage. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2017/07/25/new-designs-revealed-for-20-story-hillsborough-st.html?ana=e_me_set1&s=newsletter&ed=2017-07-25&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1500990378&j=78598451


15 hours ago, Jones_ said:

You see...this is the difference between Kane and Sandreuter. 

"The 400H team is in place: architect, civil engineer, general contractor and major subcontractors. We know our design and costs. The project has all necessary entitlements. And we own the land,” he says. “With this information, we can now advance office preleasing and financing discussions to the next level.”

Sandreuter estimates the project will need a prelease commitment of about 40,000 square feet of office space to be able to secure the rest of his equity and debt funding to break ground on the building. If preleasing goals are met, he anticipates construction could begin as soon as February."

Kane can build on spec. No preleasing required. Sandreuter is only a step past dog and pony show until someone says they like the pony and offers to pay for it. 

Anybody that owns a lot downtown could pay for a rendering and be all like, I'm developing this here thing if only somebody would promise to come rent it from me! Sure he went further and got a plan approved and some design elements done but it still drives me bananas how all this credit is given to what is as of now, nothing. 


Seems pretty realistic to me.  Wanting/needing 28% of the office space accounted for before building.

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