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2017 Spartanburg Wish List


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There is no question that Spartanburg is on a roll.  Numerous big development announcements and projects made headlines in 2015 and 2016,  Below is my own ambitious wish list for for the coming year.

Let's see what happens. 

  1. A Renaissance Park office building announcement.
  2. At least one top-tier restaurant announcement for one of the several vacant Morgan Square buildings.
  3. At least one top-tier restaurant announcement for East Main / Liberty near the soon-to-be renovated Bishop Furniture Building.
  4. A destination retailer for the vacant Leader / Rome night club building on Morgan Square.
  5. At least one top-tier restaurant announcement to anchor the Montgomery Building's ground floor.
  6. A big development announcement (residential, retail, office) for the Grain District to complement the new AC hotel.
  7. A solid tenant for the former Lockwood Greene headquarters on I-26. 
  8. An announcement by city and county officials for a joint city hall / county office building.  Preferably a high-rise and in a prominent location. 
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I think its going to be a very good year for downtown Spartanburg and my list would include:

-An organized effort to have a baseball stadium located in the Grain District in the next 5 years underway

-Jimmy Gibbs breaks ground on the office building at Renaissance Park

-A new condo building announcement strictly for sale residential units

-Johnson Development begins developing the Herald Journal site

-The two boarded up storefronts on Main St. under construction (beside lime leaf and diamond jewelers)

-A new City/County municipal building (high rise ) in the design phase

-A national or regional restaurant locates downtown

-Incorporate Dunbar St in Morgan Square to permanent green space 

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