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2017 Predictions

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So now that we are into 2017 what are our group predictions for the year?  I'll give it a shot.

1) Old convention center demo starts in q2.

2) 2nd Ave project does not materialize as buyers are unable to close on land and get financing.

3) Endeavor starts in 2nd quarter.

4) Tony G is unable to flip top third of 505 to condos.

5) One other 15-20 story office building is announced.

6) Lake Palmer must be drained again.

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My predictions for 2017:  - Demolition starts on the old convention center site and moves briskly.  Too much money tied-up in this to dawdle. - Our hotel boom will be most pronounced this year

Gotta let these apartments fill before we start more large scale. We have a bunch that have not started in the pipeline. I don't see a lot of apartment starts in 2017, at least not like this past year

Optimistic!  From your keyboard to God's ears.  Nashville will get the Grammys in 2019. 

Gotta believe Buckingham Gulch won't start this year, meaning they'll lose their ability to build as tall as planned without taking it back to the city for another approval.

Also imagine we'll hear more on what's going to be built on the of Lifeway site...and the Tennessean site will sell.

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