Upscale bowling alley, bar, restaurant in the works for downtown Greensboro?

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I found this link on the internet for what is being proposed as an upscale boutique bowling alley somewhere on Elm Street. It's called the "300 Club". I'm not sure how old the link is because there is no date but it's probably fairly new. With an Aloft and Westin hotel coming downtown, it doesn't surprise me that something like this is being proposed. It's being modeled after the upscale Lucky Strike chain. The link says an existing building will be upfitted.


This gorgeous 25,000 square foot facility will have two levels. Both floors feature 15-foot ceilings, beautiful flooring, and intricate mill work throughout. The floors are connected by two staircases and two elevators.

The street level opens directly onto the busiest part of South Elm Street. It will consist of a high-calibre restaurant and bar, with billiard tables and electronic darts. Four “VIP” bowling lanes, with direct bar and food service and dedicated servers will be located here as well. 

The downstairs level will feature eight lanes of bowling with large screen TV's and specialized lighting, a bar, dance floor, billiards tables and electronic darts. Food service will be available laneside or at the cocktail tables throughout


In downtown Greensboro, there is not currently an after-hours club, so The 300 Club will be the only place for hundreds of people to go after 2am. Because bars only make money from alcohol sales, they close at 2am, but we will offer bowling, billiards, dancing and breakfast until 4am.

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