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Did I hear right? A proposal for city development that got first approval limits buildings to 2-5 stories downtown and 1-3 stories in the west end? That's what was said on channel 4 tonight. Either they said it wrong or heard it wrong. Surely this can't true?

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I think that is just for up against the sidewalk/street. The setback can be taller and approved with exception like ONE phase 2. You can read the entire document here:

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WHO:              City of Greenville

WHAT:             Downtown Design Guidelines Training  

WHEN:            Tuesday, May 16  8 a.m. - 10 a.m.        

WHERE:           City Hall – 1st Floor Conference Room

                        206 South Main Street

WHY:               Last fall, the City hired Design Workshop, a national architecture, planning and urban design firm, to consolidate and update the City’s design guidelines for downtown. The new guidelines are complete and City Council is scheduled to vote on a resolution to approve the guidelines at its formal meeting on Monday.  On Tuesday, City staff and representatives from Design Workshop will conduct a training session for members of the real estate (developers, brokers, etc.) and design (architects, landscape architects, etc.) communities. Interested members of the public are also welcome to attend. The training will include a detailed overview of the new guidelines, as well as a discussion of the submittal process for the Design Review Board and evaluation procedures.  



Mary Douglas Hirsch

Downtown Manager


[email protected]

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