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I thought it might be useful to have a thread for Midtown development, since not all of the new development happening is along College Ave.

Here's is a new row of townhouses in a development called "Abshier Heights", which is directly behind Evelyn Hills Shopping Center.  These first two look like thye have massive front porches/decks.  Pretty decent modernism.

abshier 1.jpg

abshier sign.jpg

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Here's a new retail building going in next to Tacos 4 Life.  And a view of those Abshier Heights condos behind.

Here's one of the New School buildings underway from Township, and the new furniture store being put where the old military surplus store used to be next to Pesto Cafe.

Found this rendering of the Starbucks building that is supposed to go in next to CVS on College north of Township.  I noticed they were building retaining walls around the site today.

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Here are a couple of pictures of a dense apartment/townhome development under construction on Sycamore, a block off College Avenue.  This is west of the Daisy Exchange building that replaced the decrepit old Long John Silver's last year.

sycamore apts 1.jpg

sycamore apts 2.jpg

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Here's an update on those apartments on Sycamore.  They sit a 1/2 block west of the Daisy Exchange building.  I also noticed that the SW corner which used to be a bar is shown as "under contract".  If that site redevelops in a similar form-based format as these two projects, there will be a nice little node of density at that intersection.

sycamore apts.jpg

daisy exchange.jpg

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Rockhill Studios is having an open house and ribbon cutting this week at their location on Township Street ... unique business being a state of the art video production house co-owned by actress Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy, Dazed & Confused, Dig Daddy), her husband plus some veterans of the film industry.


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It looks like the city is going to raze and remove the old house that sits back off College just south of Formosa restaurant.  That spot would make a nice little park, as it sits in the floodway as far as I know.

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