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Suburban Office Parks

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Business Insider makes the case that the traditional suburban office park as we've known it for the last 60 years may slowly be dying. Corporate headquarters are slowly moving back to the cities where the top talent (read: Millennials) lives.


While I don't foresee this being the trend in Orlando- or the South in general- anytime soon, it is an interesting phenomenon.


Note this is part of a larger series BI is working on called the Death of Suburbia.

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As long as suburban office parks like Maitland Center and Heathrow offer nice, modern buildings in clean, safe attractive and well maintained surroundings at a substantially lower cost, with easy access and hassle-free (emphasis on FREE) parking for both employees and clients, they will always attract a substantial amount of corporate tenants away from congested, not always safe downtowns where access can be a hassle and parking is not necessarily free, especially for clients of the companies who choose to locate there.

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