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Oops...forgot the link. Thanks urbanvb

Looking over the headline again, it mentions wanting to draw a big name like Snapchat, IBM or Uber. I love that the area is moving into the digital age. For a while, I've wanted to see a tech community similar to the Apple or Google campuses sprout up in Hampton Roads. I figured VB or Chesapeake would make the most sense because they have more land, so this is great.

Between that and the biomedical complexes near TCC, Virginia Beach is doing a great job. This is what really helps keep and lure more people here, especially younger folks.

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$2 Billion? You usually only see amounts like that in West Coast cities like San Francisco and Mountain View. That's going to bring a lot of high paying tech jobs. I don't think people realize how major this is.  This is the type of development that will bring us Charlotte style growth in the future.  The research triangle is another example of the direction we're heading in.

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The article has been evolving since I posted earlier. A 2 billion dollar investment really boggles my mind. The article states construction could begin by the end of the year and would consist 1.4 million (!!) feet of floor space - possibly growing to the largest on the east coast. This could put Virginia Beach on the map in a huge way. It's amazing as Corporate Landing Park was created many years ago but never really took off. Now the site is prime for a large and lucrative development such as this. As a tech minded nerd of sorts I'm just amazed.

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9 hours ago, BFG said:

This has been a good day for Virginia Beach and the region. I really could see this area becoming one of the next big places to be in the next decade.

I agree. I give VB a lot of grief, but this is really big news and good for the city. I hope their business momentum continues.

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On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2017 at 8:08 AM, baobabs727 said:

By the way, it's NxtVn.

Looks like this is from May of this year. Kind of a recap plus some more detail... plus Virginia Beach in the spotlight for the other cable projects.



This could have a huge impact to this region. We've needed a big shot in the arm for a while now. This could really help with us getting less dependent on the military for our economy. I'm curious as to what companies will now want to look at this region as a HQ or branch offices now 

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