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LC SoBro, 7 stories/432 apts, 3rd Ave. South & Ash (Phase I), 7 stories 140 apts. (Phase II)


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5 hours ago, markhollin said:

^ ^ ^ If their Germantown development is any indicator---which will be mostly brick---they don't skimp on their exteriors (see the renderings below).  Even if this SoBro piece should end up a blend of brick/limestone and  stucco like the Aertson, I think it could look fine.  

That's good to know. My primary concern with the use of stucco on this proposed design is that facade depth and facade separation would be lost without the use of a stone or brick cladding component. It might not seem like much, but the shadow lines created by various reveals, brick courses, etc. go a long way. The elevation that's been provided reminds me a lot of a development soon to start permitting here in San Antonio (sorry for posting a non-related rendering). Limestone and D'Hanis brick are the primary facade elements. If any of you are aware of the Pearl Brewery redevelopment (RioPerla/Silver Ventures), then you know they have very, very deep pockets. This rendering doesn't show the decorative parapets, but they're very similar to those proposed for LC's SoBro project. 


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1 hour ago, smeagolsfree said:

Not for 23 million.

That's 150/ft. Prices are pretty close to this now, especially for a large tract that a developer can do a lot with...

Hopefully whoever buys it puts in a cool mixed use development on the lots that adds to the area. There will be plenty of apartment goers next door to sell to with all of LC's neighboring development

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The Ohio developer with a large mixed-use project in Germantown is moving forward on undertaking an 10 and 6 story development for 2.3 acres on both sides of 3rd Ave. South at Ash Street in the Rutledge Hill section of SoBro.

On Thursday, Nov. 2,  2017 Lifestyle Communities will ask the Metro Planning Department Downtown Code Design Review Committee for approvals related to the two-building project the Columbus-based company hopes to undertake on Third Avenue South near both popular live music venue 3rd & Lindsley and Metro’s recently opened Division Street Extension and Bridge Complete Street Project.

Only this schematic rendering of the 10 story building is currently available.

Story currently behind the paywall at Nashville Post:


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.48.54 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.49.07 AM.png

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