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Grand Bohemian Hotel – 15 Floors – 254 Rooms – Boutique Hotel

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  • Hotel bar and restaurant on Trade.
  • Another rooftop bar and lounge is joining the rapidly growing lineup we have Uptown.
  • There will be a campanile (Italian bell tower) anchoring the Church and Trade corner. 
  • There will be function space from meeting rooms, a grand ballroom, a spa and fitness center.
  • This will be a full-service hotel with nine floors of guest rooms, two levels of parking and four levels of lobby, restaurant and amenity space.
  • Bistro and an art gallery

Pretty classical look. Definitely different for Charlotte. 

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the Grand Bohemian from further up Church St.  Today. 

They won’t allow me to post the video, so I took some screenshots of it.   1. Front desk; 2. Corridor; 3. Main elevators; 4. Guest floor elevator corridor; 5. Guest floor corridor; 6. Standard gu

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3 minutes ago, jednc said:

I like the look...but, I'm uneducated in proper architecture.

no, you're right, its really nice. I'll be interested to see how the elevation continues at the top accross the trade street frontage. That will make or break the design, IMHO.

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Looks awesome, definitely excited about this project!  From walking around that area yesterday, visualizing things...I know why they chose to build on the pocket park, instead of the lot behind it.  The lot behind the little park is literally surrounded by 3 parking decks.  Probably not the most desirable spot for a GB.  Being along Trade and Church will definitely activate that area even more.  Will have a nice row of hotels on Trade too (Ritz, Omni, Updated Marriott, and the Grand Bohemian).  Below is the lot behind the pocket park.


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On 4/14/2017 at 9:11 AM, JBS said:

That's what it's called...thanks!  Actually the only part I don't like but I appear to be the only one.

Nah. I'm not a huge fan. Mostly because if you google "campanile" you'll see what it actually means and how that compares to what they're proposing.

But in general, I'll take their faux campanile and the rest of the architecture. It's not mind blowing, but based on what I can see I like it. It looks like a solid infill building. 


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