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Brazil Series: Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema &Copacabana

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Ipanema from the roof deck of my girlfriend's parent's hotel:



I can't remember any pertinent comments on these two:



The "Hippie Fair" weekly market in Ipanema:


Aerial of Copacabana from Sugarloaf Mountain (some of Ipanema is visible too; look between the small mountain near the center of the photograph and the larger mountain to its right):


A favela and "Christ the Redeemer" as seen from the top of the Luxor Hotel in Leme:


Avenida Atlantica, the beach boulevard in Copacabana:


Copacabana Palace was the first hotel on Av Atlantica:


Beach kiosks, where you can get beer, soda, coconut milk, whatever:


Buildings along Av Atlantica:


Upmarket hotel and apartments, but the favela is only a stone's throw away:


Av Nossa Senhora de Copacabana is the main business drag in Copacabana:


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the highrises and favelas look good.....to bad the sewage disposal in rio is probably a sham for those in the favs and the metro area, a lil lead free paint could spruce up the place.....but of course then it wouldn't be gangsta enough

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Incredible density. I'm always amazed at how Latin American cities mix modern architecture with pedestrian-friendly design and active street life. Our US architects and city planners could learn a thing or two from our neighbors.

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