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Demolished historic downtown hotels


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Urban renewal was a trend across the United States during the 1970s and early 1980s. It ultimately led to the demise of many historic buildings including the hotels below. It was out with the old and in with the new. Today it's a total reversal. Cities are trying to preserve what's left of its historic buildings. Unfortunately the buildings that were torn down are gone forever. 

The Washington Duke Hotel -Durham- built in 1924 demolished in 1975

This one is my favorite. Can't believe this was demolished. I know Durham would give anything to have this building back.





Robert E Lee Hotel -Winston-Salem-built in 1921 demolished in 1972

Another beautiful hotel that could have been renovated and turned into apartments or a boutique hotel like 21c Museum  Hotel. The name of this hotel would be very controversial today being that it was named after a confederate general. Gorgeous hotel though.





King Cotton Hotel - Greensboro - built in 1926 demolished in 1971. Cotton was king in Greensboro in 1926. Greensboro was a major textile and denim hub. Very depressing when you see what replaced this hotel. Fortunately that ugly News & Record building will be replaced with an large mixed-use  urban development once the Greensboro News & Record move its printing operations to Winston-Salem. Too bad the King Cotton won't be a part of it.





The original O'Henry Hotel - Greensboro - built in 1919 demolished in 1979 

This hotel was named after a famous American short story writer who was from Greensboro. His pen name was O'Henry but his real name was William Sydney Porter who was know for writing "The Gift of the Magi". Along with connected buildings it had 300 rooms which was considered a really large hotel when it was built. Fire destroyed it and it was eventually demolished and replaced with a parking deck. A newer O'Henry hotel was built in the 1990s with a different design two miles west of downtown at Friendly Shopping Center.





Hotel Charlotte - Charlotte - built in 1924 demolished in 1988 




Hotel Carolina - Raleigh - built in 1927 demolished in 1980



Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel - Raleigh 

I posted this one because it's an example of a historic hotel that survived urban renewal.


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Thanks for the birthday present! (19th was it). Buildings of this era (though not necessary former hotels) are still being lost to this day. The Lawyers Building in Raleigh is a recent example demolished in...dang 2012/13 or so. Memory is failing and I can't find a good online reference and am too lazy to check the deeds webpage which would tell for sure...

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