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Radius | 13-Story Residential [Under Construction]

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Actually its due to the Transfer Slab topping off the Garage, transitioning to the actual Amenity Level on Floor 7.

Some nighttime perspectives 

Here are some shots of review's. I was hoping to get some better angles but I ran into a very aggressive borderline racist security guard and I didn't really want to cause any trouble especially with

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7 minutes ago, spenser1058 said:

These are all great - you and Florida Born will have to get together and have a contest!

As soon as I upgrade my ancient Android phone or get a proper camera I'd love to work together with him.

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So judging by the fact that a scooter was thrown from the parking garage across the street (and was stuck hanging in the tree 30-40') and the amount of burnouts on the garage from your last pic, I'd say there was a pretty rowdy bunch on that garage in the last week.

20210331_221558 (1).jpg

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12 minutes ago, codypet said:

So judging by the fact that a scooter was thrown from the parking garage across the street (and was stuck hanging in the tree 30-40') and the amount of burnouts on the garage from your last pic, I'd say there was a pretty rowdy bunch on that garage in the last week.

oh wow you're right, I did not notice that at first.

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figured it out
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I was genuinely concerned that thing would fall on someone walking on the path.  I've been told they weigh 50lbs, although I've never weighed them and I don't have too hard a time lifting them.  No matter what, at that height someone is gonna get hurt.

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If you haven’t been in the area, that arcade in the above photo is pretty welcoming when you’re standing as far away as Robinson and Rosalind - so just by Lake Eola.   What I mean is even on a hot day, your eye tells you you’ll be in the shade momentarily.   Kind of a weird thought but I appreciate little things like “I’m almost there cues”  (non technical term) that which can promote walkability.

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    • By nakers2
      I've noticed recently that the apartment leasing company MAA (Mid-America Apartment Communities) has been buying/putting up their signage on many apartment buildings/complexes in the Charlotte area. I haven't been able to find many details about this, but just a few examples I can think of are 1225 South Church, now MAA 1225, the apartments across from the Harris Teeter in Southend (can't recall the prior name off the top of my head) and Phillips Place in Southpark. I've also noticed their distinct signage on complexes/buildings that I know have been around for years. Due to the general consistency in their branding, it's noticeable when they slap their very distinct and corporate logo on anything, new or recently acquired. 
      I was hoping to start a discussion, or at least catalog how many Charlotte area properties they own. Whether they build new, or simply prefer to acquire/rehab properties, and poll the UP crowd on their general perception of this company and ones like it who appear to be creating a small monopoly on the rental market in the Charlotte area and how this might affect things moving forward.
    • By BeagleAccountant
      The city council retreat is underway. Ryan Murphy of The Pilot is live tweeting from it. There is a lot of development discussion and focus in here to unpack. I am pretty new here but one development I may have missed or have never seen mentioned is a senior living development next to the fire station.
      Here is the first post of the thread;
      And here's the post referencing the senior living development;
    • By dcluley98
      Five-Story, Five-unit,   contemporary Townhome building with a maximum elevation height of 57.5 feet located in the Lake Eola Heights neighborhood. 
      330 Broadway Ave. & 245 E. Ridgewood St.

      The townhomes will be approximately 4,100 SF each and come with two-car garages and  terraces on the top floor offering views of Lake Eola and the Linton E. Allen Memorial fountain.


      This project has begun construction and they are currently forming the foundations on the project site just northeast of Landmark I: 

    • By HankStrong
      Just a link to the MPB staff report.
      I combined Ph 2 tower and Ph 3 former Church Street Station re-work as it seems they are both ramping up to start.
    • By 757Duke
      Dollar Tree is adding 600 jobs and expanding their headquarters. They said they will be building the "tallest building" in Chesapeake. Pictures in the article look to be a town center style environment within the Grennbrier area.
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