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    • By nakers2
      Not sure if this could belong under another topic, but I just caught wind that North Carolina is looking into pioneering 'Hydrail" service between our two largest cities. This would be a hydrogen powered train that only emits water vapor. It would be cleaner and more efficient that the ancient diesels they use now, and cheaper, and still technically cleaner than electrifying the whole line, which could cost $10-16 million per mile. I heard of this via Charlotte Stories but was able to confirm with some other local news sources. At work currently but I can add links for further verification soon. 
    • By dmillsphoto
      Exhausted yet? Tired of planes, trains, and automobiles? Sick of tracks, trax, and taxes? 
      So are we.
      While the defeat of the transit referendum was not totally unexpected, especially after the disinformation campaign by the NoTax4Trax group and, to a lesser extent, the scandal created by former-Mayor Barry, the degree to which Davidson County residents said "no" was quite astounding. Many of us on the board proselytized to our friends and family and neighbors the benefits of this plan, or of any plan, to spur long-term development toward what we all think is a necessary next step in the evolution of Nashville.  But that wasn't enough, and now Nashville must go back to the drawing board to find a medium ground that will appease more voters in 2020 when we can hopefully reach a better outcome. While the setback is disappointing, our engagement will continue to be important.
      While at the monthly meetup today, a great deal of time was spent discussing what didn't work, and the negatives that turned voters off the plan.  Costs, areas served, voter confusion about funding, and the tunnel were all topics discussed. What also was discussed, however, is that we must keep working toward a solution. Half jokingly, this thread was discussed. How can UrbanPlanet Nashville contribute to solving the Nashville Transit dilemma? Many of us attended the Nashville nMotion meetings and voiced opinions there, as did other Nashvillians. However those that attended likely were already pro-transit voters. What we'd like this thread to be is, separate from the main transit thread, a collection of ideas that could be actionable items toward finding a long term plan for the city.
      We get lots of input here, and as always, play nice. We do think there are some great minds here with valuable input. With Mark's ability to connect with people in high places, maybe some of the ideas presented here make it to people that matter. Either way... UP Nashville - solve our transit problem!
    • By DPK
      Recently @Jones_ posted in the Triangle Economic News thread about Kane's desire for better transit at North Hills and how it would be amusing if he ended up being what could light a fire to cause light rail to actually become a thing around here.
      This could be a fun exercise in the creativity of people on here.  If you had to figure out how to run a light rail line between downtown (let's say the new Union Station) to North Hills, how would you route it?  Would you go straight up Capital and over?  Would you add a jog over to Five Points?  Where would you have stops (if any)?  Are the kind of developer that would be frugal/conservative to the community, would you bulldoze a daycare while laughing from your corner office, would you find a balance somewhere in between?  Go go go!
      I encourage use of Google's MyMaps to facilitiate and share ideas:
    • By nowensone
      Zoom level 18 is the to-scale size of two-lane roads used (can be seen in the URL, "...&z=18"). Probably better tools, this was my choice of impatience, suggestions welcome. Editing open, no personal attachment, new layers can be added if this one is not worth fixing. If a visual Master Plan exists for this with CRTPO, MTS, etc., please post that. Goals:
      Connect transportation routes (roads initially). Correct bad layout/encourage better future layout. Provide egress/access for developments with insufficient options (ie only one). Guide future development with base nodes. Limitations:
      Invoke "Eminent Domain" as seldomly as possible (especially on expensive properties). Disturb watershed and the environment as little as possible. Preserve public/civic lands (parks, cemeteries, sports fields, etc.). Resist temptation to "design" (ie neighborhoods/development), just connect or master-plan. Be judicial in rail/water/interstate crossings. Notes/Questions:
      Violated above principals, notably:   Alexander Street Park, because it is adjacent to uptown, and many similar alternatives within walking distance.  Three streets bisecting the Elmwood & Pinewood cemeteries.  Connecting the grid in 4th Ward, argument being future planning/greater good/access. Left Eastland alone, Chernobyl. Power lines/towers are obviously a problem in Charlotte, many places where it is simply a tangled mess, not sure if that issue will reach a critical point in which utilities such as these can be dealt with, can they? What rail tracks are defunct and can be "erased"? When can a creek be "capped"? Pipe dreams and wishes.  Collaborate and listen.
    • By WAJAS98
      A thread dedicated to discussions on Orlando and Central Florida trails and bicycle infrastructure.
      The Cady Way Trail stops at the entrance to Lake Druid Park as it approaches Downtown.  If it was just extended to the cul-de-sac of Laura Pl, then it would connect to the Bumby Trail by a small local road, which is a perfect compromise instead of an actual trail.
      Trail on the right and Laura Pl on the left.