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Tornado touches down in Baton Rouge 5/12/17


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WARNING:  NSFW due to language


NSFW Language


Damage appears to be confined to the Old Hammond/Sharp area near Reeves Shopping Center on the southern edge of Sherwood Forest.   If you know anyone in the Ceadercrest or Sherwood Forest area, make sure they are okay.   

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17 minutes ago, Antrell Williams said:

I heard there was at least one injury. It seems that we just can't catch a break with this weather. Hopefully hurricane season is quiet.

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There were no warnings issued for that tornado.  

People were probably pumping gas at that Racetrack or walking groceries to their car at Reeves when it hit.   You can't see them coming easily in Louisiana because of the tree canopy - especially in that area.     

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1 hour ago, Antrell Williams said:

I got warnings from the NWS on my phone. But do we really pay attention to them? I know I don't.
I think it's about time we have sirens like in Oklahoma.

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Warning was issued for Prarieville.   


The tornado was well north of the warning polygon.   Another video:


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THANK YOU for all the footage Cajun  :thumbsup:  Fascinating stuff!  They said it was a EF-1 Tornado...estimated Wind Gust of 90mph; with that Car on it's side had to be close to 100mph...that's just a few miles from the house...all good here...the electricity must have went out for a short time.

Yesterday the NWS ONLY had the Capital Regional on the tail end of a "MARGINAL" Risk for Severe Weather = ONLY a 5% chance within  25 miles...they / we just never know!

Round #2 this afternoon (ahead of actual Cool Front) had a Severe T-Storm Storm Cell that produced Hail in Central; possible Tornado in Walker North...the storm made it to the Northshore w confirmed tornado near Madisonville.

Looks like a nice Mother's Day weekend.

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That sucks. BR isn't equipped to deal with tornadoes, no sirens or anything.

We got lucky this year with the severe weather. No tornados in the immediate area. We had solid golf ball size hail at my house and about 2 miles from here they had some softball size hail.

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