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Winter Garden/Ocoee/Oakland Projects


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FDOT is trying to add a Turnpike interchange at FL545/ Avalon as part of the upcoming widening. Very few like the idea.

It’s nice to see city government actually saying something. If it were Orlando, they’d just say, “please sir, may I have some more?”

One of the big knocks on I4 from planners and just about everyone else is that it has too many exits, so of course now FDOT wants to do the same to the Turnpike.

I wonder when we’ll find out which developer is pushing this. 


From The West Orange Times Observer 
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On 10/14/2021 at 10:16 AM, codypet said:

TPK IIRC hasn't put a new interchange in this area in the last 20 yrs that wasn't developer driven.  Kissimmee Park Road, Minneola, I can't think of any others that are new.


Exactly,  perhaps to relieve some traffic from 50, and the nearby interchanges. This area has grown so much.

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Longtime WG City Manager Mike Bollhoefer is leaving to take a job in Virginia. He and his predecessor Hollis Holden have been the most effective city officials I have ever known.

They were responsible, along with FFO’s the Ropers and Chicones plus an awful lot of everyday folks in taking downtown Winter Garden from a dump to the incredibly special place we know today. In the best sense of the word, they “got” it.

Here’s wishing Mike the best of success. Btw, @dcluley98 will be glad to know he’s a Gator!

Winter Garden’s manager Bollhoefer to exit Nov. 12

From The Sentinel 

(I have to chuckle when I think, unlike a certain mayor who’s stayed far too long, Mike hasn’t stayed nearly long enough! We can only hope we’ll get lucky and his successor will be nearly as awesome.)

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On the subject of the proposed turnpike interchange on Avalon/545. One of the bummers is that it would heavily impact Tucker Ranch which is a newer park  that Winter Garden and the community have devoted resources to recently. I have not visited but does seem a tough pill to swallow for a road which seems to really support mostly local trips.

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