610 East Mixed Use | ? Feet | Up to 45-Stories | Proposed

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Velocity Credit Union owns about three blocks at their downtown HQ.  They filed site plans to develop two parcels with with mixed use towers up to 45-stories.  This area is largely covered with Capitol View Corridors which have prevented high-rise development.  But now that downtown Austin land is so valuable developers are planning skinny, angled towers that can poke up in between the various CVCs.  Here's the link to the site plan for 610 East. 


Here's a location drawing from the site plan.


Here's the location from Streetview.  This part of downtown is seriously underdeveloped and rundown.  But it would look amazing if the 11 towers proposed for this small area of just a few blocks get built.  At the far right of this photo is the hospital on the Brackenridge tract that will be part of a big demo to make way for seven of the towers.


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The Planning Commission approved the zoning change to Central Business District to clear the way for an "up to 45-story" tower.  But the developer will still need to obtain a density bonus based on the tower's design and the "community benefits" of the project in order to get the F.A.R. increase needed to build that tall.  This is located near the just approved Hotel Mirabeau project and is part of the burgeoning NE Downtown corridor

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