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Pulse Memorials and Services

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  • 3 weeks later...

A really great article about FUMCO from Orlando Weekly:


The Weekly is about as secular a publication as there is so when they mention FUMCO as a safe space, it really is.

Years ago, my ex and I were sitting in our Sunday school group at FUMCO when this man I had never seen before came in with a flyer and was all hot and bothered about "those gays" and what we were going to do about them. At the time, my ex and I weren't exactly out to everyone in the congregation but enough people (including then Pastor Curry) knew or had seen us together at services for months that it was pretty obvious we were a couple.

Almost instinctively, the group closed ranks and made it clear that this man's agenda was the outlier and made sure my partner and I knew we were welcome. 

As one of Orlando's founding churches, FUMCO has been on the frontline of so many good things, including work with the homeless, working for inclusiveness with the African-American community, and supporting the LGBTIAQ community (PFLAG even meeting there.) 

The United Methodist Church nationwide is still struggling with affirming our presence in the Church, but FUMCO has been an ideal of what a Downtown Orlando church should be.

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Today, the ARC (Application Review Committee) recommended a TDT Grant of $10M for One Pulse Foundation. Pending budget adoption and approval by the Tourism Development Council and Board of County Commissioners, this represents such an important investment in the fabric and culture of our community as we see the Pulse Memorial & Museum come to life.

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They've been reporting on the news the past couple days that several property owners surrounding Pulse are refusing to sell to make room for a memorial.

After having seen the map of parcels the owner wants to buy up....


....I can't really say I'm disappointed.

Seems like an awfully large chunk of prime commercial real estate to turn into what would essentially be a big park. And why the need to go across Kaley to the north?

The words "eminent domain" are being bandied about too, though it's hard to imagine the city would attempt to use that option for this particular purpose.

I'm all for a memorial on the Pulse site, but they need to keep things in perspective. I don't think taking people's livelihoods away from them is in keeping with the spirit of it all.


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