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Charlotte area population statistics

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Interesting story about population growth in NC since 2020 from UNC Chapel Hill. 

Basically 6 counties have over 50% of the population growth including Meck, Cabarrus and Union counties in our area.  It also gives possible reasons for migration out of Meck but the county still did grow in population.  Driven by they state higher house prices which is true. 


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China has a downward trajectory and China local government figures, which are assembled for national numbers, are not reliable. China may be in decline now. Naturalized citizens are extraordinarily rare in China. 1448 in 2010 per wiki. That is right, 1,448 total, not just for that year but for all time for those alive in 2010. 

As a boy my social studies books described Japan as a typical East Asia country with a highly crowded population spread across the country. Now the Kansai and Kanto areas, Osaka and Tokyo, have half the population and vast areas of the country are declining, stagnant, or depopulated. National population is in decline and there is no way to address the continuing and future decline. Things that seem immutable can change in less than a lifetime.

Japan has a small percentage of naturalized citizens but nothing as small as China. Mostly ethnic Japanese from elsewhere.

Korea is in population decline now and it is impossible for me to see how they can recover without unification with the North.

Natural growth powers India. About 1,000 naturalized citizens per year last five years.

If  one thinks immigration, long term residence, and citizenship is an issue in our country or other western nations it is no problem for these East Asian countries. It simply does not happen. 

Historically the four countries that have had active immigration policies are USA, Canada, Israel, Australia.

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