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New Richmond Arena

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I wanted to make sure that I waited about a full day to react to this situation since my gut reaction to the council request was going to be much uglier than after giving it some more thought.  I also

Yea - that $800 million in private equity funds (never to be paid back by the city) pouring into downtown is a total rip off.     Your not fooling us you shysters - take your $800 million and find som

I guess this could go in a few forums, but CoStar has announced they will anchor the new 400,000 sf tower adjacent to the Arena.  Plans to double the workforce to 2000.  Huge news! https://richmo

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Meanwhile, the Coliseum continues to not book any events in 2019 and the city keeps spending money keeping that crumbled cookie together.  My family and I are going to what could be the last event there - Harlem Globetrotters - at the end of the month.  I hope it is indeed the last one in there.

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One argument is analysis based on crunching numbers provided by the developers. Another is a ringing endorsement using cliché platitudes about a final deal that hasn’t even been made public. 

Has he or VCU ever had to worry about it’s budgetary priorities like the City of Richmond should be doing? Unlikely. He has nothing to lose in supporting it. Just another back slapping power player sticking up for his friends I guess. 

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Some people are saying this is a better fit for ice hockey.

I understand the empty seat thing with the coliseum used for ice hockey.   My only negative to a Henrico Ice Hockey venue is the lack of options around it.  

Scott's Addition becoming hot I would think helps Baseball (although they still need some venues right up near stadium in my opinion (which I think is what they are going for with the moving of the stadium a few blocks away and then take existing site for a new live/work development).

I personally am more excited about the Navy Hill options for before/after games etc. vs. just a drive to a watch game and then drive home situation like in Henrico.

Just my personal opinion - both options have their pluses/minuses …. the most important thing is getting a new team back to Richmond (ECHL or above).

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Empty seats are big problem with minor league hockey. An ECHL or AHL team can expect to draw an average of maybe 4-6k fans to the arena, which in a 16-17k seat arena can be a problem. You add in the amount of energy and money it would take to keep the ice cool and good in an arena that size and it can be a money drain. 

At the same time I haven't seen much in the way of Henrico going for hockey at this new sports center they want to build. Beyond being a potential new home for the Richmond Generals, it's hard to see this attracting a minor league team (ECHL would be our best bet or even FHL). Henrico would have to invest in the ice, blockers and boards, nets, etc.. which aren't cheap either and based on the description we've gotten so far, a bunch of basketball courts and a running track; it doesn't sound like it would be set up for hockey at all.

So I guess it kind of comes to a wash out as to which venue would be better suited to attracting hockey. 

The thing that concerns me the most is that I don't want to see a one up contest on the arena between RVA and the counties like we saw recently with VA Beach and Norfolk with their arena proposals.

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