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Redevelopment of Brush Park


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City Modern is a 400-unit infill residential development in Brush Park north of downtown Detroit.  300 units will be rental apartments and 100 or so will be for-sale units.  It's a mixed neighborhood in every definition from the tenancy to the types of buildings to income levels, though most of the units will be on the high-end of things.








Initial phases broke ground in April, and they've already sold some of the for-sale units.

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Aside from City Modern, there are other buildings proposed and under construction in Brush Park.

James Place Loft (u/c):  This 11-unit project will have units priced from the mid 400's to the mid-500's.


112 Edmund, 2827 John R., and 105 Alfred: This proposed projects includes one building of seven-stories, which will include ground floor restaurant and retail space, two stories of commercial space,  and four stories of residential space with underground parking.  2827 John R. includes the reuse of an old carriage house and which will house restaurants with residential space above.  And 105 Alfred will be walk -up townhomes.




Brush + Watson: The city has an RFP out for this piece of land, and this is just the Rossetti concept for the site, but it will be heavily developed in either case.  You can see how close it is to City Modern rendered in the mid-ground.


Scott at Brush Park: This one opened in late 2016 or early 2017 (can't remember which one), but hasn't been shown here.


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We get the second proposal for the former Brewster-Douglass Housing Project from Bedrock:




It will include 913 units (648 rentals, 265 for-sale) of housing :



Apartments, 551 units,

Walk-up apartments, 97 units

Mews flats, 44 units

Duplettes, 66 units

Stacked flats, 46 units

Townhomes, 109 units


It will also include 3.2 acres of open space, 19,000 square feet of retail space, 60,000 square feet of early childhood education space, and an 80-room hotel.  More than that, the street grid will be reconnected.

This is all in addition to Bedrock's neighboring City Modern project, which is selling like hot-cakes.

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We get an update on Brush + Watson, today.  It's actually three different sub-developments:

Brush + Watson:



Brush + Watson will feature 180 residential units as part of a $45 million development. It will also offer 8,500 square feet of street-level retail and 170 underground parking spaces. It's expected to break ground in late 2019 and be completed by 2021.

Brush House:



Brush House, meanwhile, is a $52 million mixed-use development with 179 units — 36 of them being designated as affordable. It also will include 15,660 square feet of ground floor retail and 127 underground parking spaces.  Construction of Brush House will begin in fall 2019 and work is expected to be done by 2021.

Brush 8:



Brush 8, is a $5 million, three-story residential development that also features eight luxury townhomes, according to the city. It will also begin in fall 2019.


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We're getting some numbers of all of his development, finally.  It appears there are at least 2,000 units of housing either under construction of planned in Brush Park.  From Crain's Detroit Business:


A Crain's analysis shows at least 2,000 for-sale and for-rent residential units under construction or in the development pipeline for Brush Park's 117 acres, which once were home to some of the biggest names in Detroit like the Kahn, Whitney and Hudson families. The majority are expected to be complete by 2021.


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Bedrock's Brewster-Douglass redevelopment plan was approved by the city council, today.

The redevelopment project calls for:

  • 913 units of housing (648 rentals/265 for sale)
  • An 80-room hotel
  • 19,000 square feet of ground-floor retail
  • A new early childhood education center
  • 3.2 acres of open space

The breakdown of the housing units:

  • 60 percent apartments (average 800 square-feet)
  • 12 percent "town homes" (1,800 to 2,200 square-feet)
  • 11 percent big walk-up apartments (1,600 square-feet)
  • 7 percent "duplettes" (900 to 1,100 square-feet)
  • 5 percent "stacked flats" (1,000 to 2,000 square-feet)
  • 5 percent back alley apartments, called "mews flats" (800 to 1,400 square-feet)
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Next month's Planning Commission agenda has a few Brush Park projects making it through the works.

1.  Brush House (Brush/Erskine): This is the for amendment of the existing PD (Planned Development) for 168 units with groundfloor retail and commercial space with a level of underground parking.


2. Brush 8 (Brush/Watson): This is an amendment of the PD for 8 townhome units across the street from Brush House.


3.  Brush Park Form-Based Overlay District: Looks like the city is finally getting around to starting the formal process of the adoption of a Form-Based Code for Brush Park.  The city has required all new developments to conform to the draft Form-Based Code for many months, now, but it's never been formally adopted.  Mostly, the city has been able to do this because they owned much of the empty land in the district upon which most of the new development is riding.  The new overlay zone covers everything within the Brush Park Historic Detroit plus the Brewster-Wheeler Recreation Center Historic District, and even some parcels outside the historic district.

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124 Alfred - one of six apartment building in Brush Park's City Modern - has officially opened. This one is affordable (30-60% of median income) for 55+".




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