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Name your "Top 5"


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Let's play a game.    I'll start with this topic and when the chat dies down. I'll introduce another.

1) Top 5 performing public spaces in Downtown Orlando.  (I think it may be easier to list the underperforming ones but let's start positive!)

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Utilized probably would have beeen a better choice of words

And a different topic would have have been better to start -  I'll try to think of 5...I'm not too familiar with the park scene in College Park or even how busy the waterfront in Ivanhoe is for lingering...

1) Lake Eola Park - It always has visitors even without any events scheduled

2) Seneff Arts Plaza  - More reliant on events at DPAC or on the lawn like a Food Truck rally, but will also be remembered for the moments shared there after the Pulse shooting.

3) Constitution Green - money well spent on that dog park!

4) The Exchange Building - The comfortable furniture and the addition of Credo makes this a great spot (with air conditioning!) to linger even if you don't work there.

5) Seaside Plaza/Linoln & Suntrust plaza - These are private property but offer a lunch spot during the work week and a place to stop an read or make a call away from the streets.



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Cool idea!

Mine would be (not necessarily in any particular order):

Lake Ivanhoe (mainly for the volleyball and local crowd it attracts)

Dickson Azalea Park (for its natural beauty)

Lake Eola (aside from the western edges)

Heritage Square (underrated in my opinion as a great public space)

Church Street (especially during City games)



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