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West End Station Aprts in DTWS


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Construction has recently commenced on yet another large downtown apartment project that consumes an entire city block!  West End Station will consist of  229 residential units, with two courtyards, swimming pool & other outdoor amenities as well as underground parking. Its location just west of Broad Street & below West Fourth will further knit the West End District tighter into the Brookstown District at the BB&T Ballpark thereby enlarging the downtown urban grid. 




Here's the architect's comments on this reported $40 million project:

Green Street elevation.

West End Station


West End Station is a 229-unit apartment project in Winston-Salem, NC. Developed by Charlotte based DPJ Residential, the building is designed on a site with significant topography at the edge of downtown. The primary front, along Green Street, is a 3-story façade, stepping a full story toward the rear of the site and Brookstown Avenue. A podium garage, accessed from the lower side of the site carves beneath the building, with 4 full levels of apartments resting above and addressing the Brookstown edge. A large pool courtyard and amenity plaza tucks behind the split portion of the Green Street arm of the building, flanking one of two elevated passive courtyards over the parking garage. Construction is expected to begin summer of 2017.

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