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Bond Ave Underpass


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12 minutes ago, arcturus said:

Loading zone?  Didn't know they warehouse stuff in it lol.   A few spruce trees to block this eyesore would be in order or maybe turn it into a drone racing course.

How long has this been abandoned?


Skate park, could work? covered rain or shine.  

Its been there forever and used for storage on and off.

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There is (or was) a conveyor system in the floor of the dock. There would be one or 2 boxcars (capacity was 2) with paper rolls for the Press.  The fork lift would set the rolls on the conveyor and they would be delivered into the building via a tunnel under the parking lot. I was never inside the building where the rolls were stored to see how that worked. IIRC, they used about 2 cars a week. They would come in 12-13 car blocks so when the cars showed up they would get switched every night.  They only got 48 hours to unload a car so they would get demurage charges once they went over the 48 hours. I witnessed a heated discussion one day over a $25 demurage charge between  the ops guy and a RR rep.

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