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Busch Gardens submits plans for 315-foot-tall attraction

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Also, via the bgwfans.com forum, someone there had posted the James City County waiver showing  the application title as BUSCH GARDENS MADRID!  So the deepest speculation now is that they are gonna build a 315 ft tall roller coaster in a new hamlet of Spain in the area wooded boardered by San Marco, the Rhine River, RR, and Festa Italia.  


Finally. Churros will have a home!

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According to the Pilot, "Madrid" is just a code name and the new coaster will be part of Italy. Too bad because BGW needs a new country and Spain would be awesome.


I just looked at Google Maps, and yes, the proposed area is in Italy tucked behind Roman Rapids.

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They don't need to.  The space where the new ride is gonna go is forest and field.  It's completely undeveloped.  And could it be just a codename sure, but the Pilot doesn't know that.  They redacted and edited the initial article saying that itvis a rollercoaster when zero evidence confirms that it will be a rollercoaster.  Now it says attraction or something like that.  But some logic and wishful thinking might suggest that in this vacant acreage entitle Madrid, it very well could be a new country expansion to the park.  

     Especially after making millions of dollars of improvements over the past two years to San Marco with the new restaurant, Gelato shop, decking, and bathroom upgrades.  They are not going to take what is essential a carnival atmosphere of Festa Italia and waste millions more to retheme it to old world Italy.  And unfortunately we've seen them start to pull back on the animal population of the park, they may even be reducing the rear pasture for new developement as well.  That would suck and is just speculation on my part.  But we shall see in due time.  

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