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Hankster "Hank Bracken"

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Never met him. Seriously considered going to a meetup in Chattanooga, but didn't. I'm sorry I didn't go.

Looked like Hank was having a good life not that long ago. He had just married and seemed very content. So sad.

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Hey Guys, 
Especially all of the older posters on the board.
John "5th and Main" just called me after doing a search for our old friend Hankster who was a regular poster here and on the Chattanooga thread and found that he passed away in October 2014. I knew if had been a while since I had seen a post from him. 
He has been, and will be missed by those that remember him on the forum. The last time I had seen him was just before that time when I took him on one of my infamous rides around the city.
Hank, you will be sorely missed. RIP my friend.
My word, I'd wondered why he'd gone silent those years ago...

Thank you for telling us.

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