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Inner Loop - CBD, Downtown, East Bank, Germantown, Gulch, Rutledge

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Great news!  The Geist House (circa 1888) restaurant has been rebuilt utilizing all of the original bricks they could salvage from the severe tornado damage.  I'll try to get better shots soon. Loo

Ballpark Village will be the name of the 2.6 acre mixed-use development on the SE side of First Horizon Ballpark.  It will have three 7 story structures with unknown quantities of residential units, r

The project that was once to be called  Germantown Union at 1324 North 2nd Ave. will now be called Nashville Block 5, and is being developed by New City Properties, the same folks handling the Neuhoff

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Here's an article in the Tennessean about the Downtown McDonalds attempting to receive approval for the their suburban style restaurant. 




I hope the planning commission rejects the appeal. That being said, since McDonald's is considering rebuilding or renovating the burned out structure I am concerned that we may be in a no-win situation.  If they reject the current proposals and they rebuild then we lose, if they accept their current proposal with a building surrounded by a parking lot then we lose.

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I just don't understand McDonald's' stance on this redevelopment. Are they just so lazy that they can't put any more effort into the design of this site other than dropping one of their suburban boxes on top of it? All of their concerns about traffic patterns are complete BS. There are plenty of examples of other McDonald's that fit into an urban cityscape. What is the problem!? Why is the cost of an architect and some site re-grading so insurmountable to a multinational corporation?  /rant



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From reading the Planning Commission recommendations, it looks as if they will be denied. Their option then is to go to the Metro Council to gain a waiver. If you look on the site there are a number of examples the McD's can follow and even some recomendations from the Planning Dept. I really think that Metro may stick to their guns on this one.

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Against my better judgement, I read the comments on that article and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. I expected to hear a bunch of backlash against the downtown code, but it seems like most people support it.

We are not alone after all.


I was surprised too. I figured I would be the only one commenting in favor of keeping McD's in check.

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Congratulations and Thank You to council member Eric Gilmore for standing up for the current code and rejecting Mickey D's requests for a variance.  Although I doubt that she carries much clout with the council, her support for what should be the planning commission's decision is a plus.

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Bravo. Now I guess we wait and see what their next move is. I really don't understand (with what the land value must be) the short-sightedness of this property owner.

I know... You'd think they would be itching to sell this piece of land and either moving into the ground floor of a high rise, or working out an agreement where they maintain a presence there, either inside a building or with a smaller footprint.

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Sometimes I wonder if the NBJ gets their news from us.




I would honestly be surprised if they didn't.  This is a collection of people with their ear to the ground and would be a great clearinghouse for someone looking for leads and tidbits of information to start a story from.  A forum concentrating on Philadelphia that I frequent is the known source of a few news stories for local media, and reporters have been known to PM users who may have a story for them.

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