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1 minute ago, natethegreat said:

Apologies if I’ve missed something - is there anything in the works for the parking lot across from the JW and the new 1 hotel? I think on the corner of 8th and Demonbreun. Seems prime for something big.

Nothing!!! Should have been the site of the new federal courthouse, but 20 years ago the gubmint went in another direction... literally and figuratively.   I used to have federal cases in the Kefauver building, and I can tell you that having offices in that building and hearings 2-3 blocks away is NOT convenient.  There was very wise judge at the time who stated his desire to have the new CH at that corner (could have been had cheap at the time) but one of the federal judges in Nashville, the US representative and mayor at the time (starts with a "P") insisted that Church Street 'needed' the activity.  Honest! 

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The 5 story, 19,000 sq. ft. circa-1900 brick structure at 200 Broadway is being designed for whiskey bar, artist's den, and rooftop bar. The Ardent Company (TAC), which bought the property over 2 year

Great news!  The Geist House (circa 1888) restaurant has been rebuilt utilizing all of the original bricks they could salvage from the severe tornado damage.  I'll try to get better shots soon. Loo

OK, Right now the number of towers over 100' lets say could be around 32 by this next year. (probably conservative) That will include some of the ones that are under construction now. I will say this

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8 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

Grading permit applied for, 30 Peabody Union mixed use.  Told you it was moving forward.

Smeags, what's your best guess of how many towers over 250' will be under construction this time next year? 

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1 minute ago, PillowTalk4 said:

Oh, don't farm out and waste taxpayers money on consultants.  Just rubber stamp anything over 40 stories and move on.... :) 

Most of the stuff they are farming out is five stories and below if I remember right.

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On 8/13/2021 at 10:06 PM, smeagolsfree said:

One of the issues Metro is facing that Craig shared this past week is that codes is farming work out to other firms because they are overwhelmed and behind.

To clarify this further, the pilot for farming out some of the review work is for small projects only. Less than 5 stories. Everything else appears to be staying with Metro Codes. 

On 8/16/2021 at 8:10 AM, smeagolsfree said:

Most of the stuff they are farming out is five stories and below if I remember right.

  Just saw this. falling behind a little bit on my reading haha

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3 hours ago, markhollin said:

The Rome/2nd & Monroe  (7 stories, 210 units, internal garage with 252 spaces, .87 acres at 1231 2nd Ave. North) update: Greenpointe Construction has landed a $42.5 million loan to begin work. Comma Designs is the architect; Fulmer Lucas is handling engineering.  Site rezoning was granted in May. 

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


Very ugly exterior. Maybe I'm naive but as a developer I'd at least want my builds to be aesthetically pleasing. I'm also not paying for anything so who am I to speak.

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