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1 hour ago, markhollin said:

Something is going on with the site of the Fire Station #2, which takes up most of the block on the NE corner of Gay St. and 2nd Ave. North.  The northern 1/4 of the lot will be the new Metro Supportive Housing/Homeless Center (announced on Monday), but the remaining 3/4 is fenced off and apparently being prepped for demo.  

Looking NE from intersection of 2nd Ave. North and Gay St:

Fire Station #2, Dec 10, 2021, 1.jpeg

Looking NW from intersection of 1st Ave. North and Gay St:

Fire Station #2, Dec 10, 2021, 2.jpeg

I actually meant to walk over and snap a picture the other day as demo was occurring last Wednesday (11/15). I believe it will be a rebuild of the fire station to modern standards, but I am not really sure. The demolition permit (being handled by Tiny's Demolition – what a shock lol) states that all concrete will be crushed up and remain on site.

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8 hours ago, CenterHill said:

It’s an amazing upgrade that will transform the current rusting, peeling Arcade.   But no way the new owners can make this level of investment without rents going up.   The Arcade today, on the ground floor, is primarily a beloved lunch destination for downtown office workers with limited daytime hours.  I don’t see Walgreens moving, but will the Arcade be the Arcade if Percy’s Shoe Shine, Manny’s House of Pizza, the Peanut Shop, Monty’s Barbershop, J Gumbo’s, Oriental Lunch, Jimbo’s Sushi, the Post Office and other long time tenants can’t afford to stay?   

The Arcade will undergo it’s own form of “gentrification” like many areas of Nashville, I’m thinking. Rents have to go up to support the renovations everyone has been wanting for years. I’m guessing we will see many of the smaller spots merged into larger footprints to make them viable. Hopefully locals (like Edley’s or Five Point pizza) could be enticed to come in. 

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