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Agfa redevelopment


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2 hours ago, GvilleSC said:

This is better than I expected as far as site plan is concerned. 



Aren’t the parking spaces on McBee street the wrong way? Unless it’s gonna be back in spaces (which I dislike). Please don’t let the city start doing back in street parking 

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3 hours ago, GvilleSC said:

I hope the City takes the opportunity to narrow McBee. There's no reason for any stretch of this street to be wider than 3 lanes. And really, 2 would be sufficient and more pedestrian friendly. 

What was the point of repaving it within the past week if they're just going to narrow it soon?

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DRB approved the site plan but with some changes, mainly to make the Academy/Washington and Academy/McBee corners more promenient and visually appealing, and to widen the setback from the three streets by an additional 2 feet. 

They Do want to make the angle parking on McBee to be reverse in, just as shown.  


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Not sure I understand; so the placement and number of buildings have been approved but not the architecture, right? I mean, it looks like a seven year old drew those on a napkin.

36 minutes ago, apaladin said:

I agree with man, some height here would have been nice. Greenville is surely the capitol of the U.S. for buildings less than 8 stories.

Yeah, some height, anywhere in Greenville would be nice!

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6 minutes ago, gman430 said:

While I would like for this site to be developed, I'm not 100% sold on this being the right proposal. I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

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7 minutes ago, gman430 said:

I'd rather it either stay dead or keep the building that's already there. That is a HIDEOUSLY UGLY concrete box! :sick:

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