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Amazon: The Thread | 5,000 Jobs | 1M SQFT in Nashville Yards


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19 minutes ago, tokiorose said:

The project is the single largest jobs announcement in the state’s history and is projected to create more than 13,000 jobs for Tennessee’s workforce. In addition, for every one direct job created by the project, an additional 1.6 jobs will be created in the state.

This was surprising. A great ‘get’ all around.

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4 minutes ago, PaulChinetti said:

I've read a few articles and haven't seen anything about them, I could be missing them though, I've been all over the place this morning.

"In return, the company is receiving up to $102 million in incentives from state and local agencies. The state of Tennessee is giving a cash grant of $65 million, as long as the company creates these jobs in the next seven years. The city of Nashville is also giving up to $15 million. Amazon will also receive tax credits against its franchise and excise taxes."

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  • dmillsphoto changed the title to Amazon: The Thread | 5,000 Jobs | 1M SQFT in Nashville Yards
9 minutes ago, PaulChinetti said:

God please no, we don't need wider roads. More lanes just promotes more traffic. We need bike (scooter) and bus lanes and more sidewalks and better timed lights.

No more car infrastructure, more people infrastructure please!!

This. The city "overhauled" traffic signals in 2016 and still I can't go more than 2 blocks without hitting a red traveling at the posted speed limit on OHB/Bell Rd.

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1 hour ago, bhibbs said:

by the time those buildings are complete and they are ready to move in, I will have operations experience with one company for 10+ years, hopefully they will like that when they see my resume....

shameless post, but, with the above being said...if anyone on here works in operations/logistics and your company is hiring, please slide into my messages and let me know!

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