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2010 article from the City Paper discussing Nashville vs Charlotte


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I remember reading this one when it came out all those years ago, I actually held on to my copy of it for a few years, but don't know where it's vanished to. Anyway, here's the article:




With a bit of hindsight, what would you guys say is wrong and what's right? It seemed the article wasn't too bullish about Nashville's immediate future, but I think we've done all right in that regard. Hopefully this will spark a good discussion.

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you're bang on about transportation, nashville has had a hard time getting anywhere close to something to agree on.  the difference in area of the metro is killing us here - the 30+ mile commute thing is just something i can't get my head around!


also, i don't really know anything about charlotte, the only time i've ever been there is for a usair connection some years ago.  i was wanting to discuss what the article got right about nashville vs what it didn't.

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Interesting thread. I'm still catching up on some of these (clicking 'next unread topic'). 

Especially considering @KJHburg's recent Nov2019 trip to Nashville. I'm from Nashville but live in Raleigh now have done some time in Charlotte for consulting gigs. 

No one outside of Atlanta and Miami can touch Charlotte for the tallest and best looking skyscrapers in the southeast. 

Nashville will really check a box when it can get an 850 footer (pls bring back sig tower).  Raleigh is testing the waters with some 40 story proposals. Which is a big deal for a place with a few 30 story towers. 

The Nashville UP forum is the most active I've seen anywhere. What a great community! 

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