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    • By PuppiesandKittens
      The Kmart at 1 Kmart Plaza, near the main hospital, is closing, as per USA Today.  I am told that Bi-Lo is closing as well at some point. 
      What will happen to the site?  It's been a shopping center for at least 50 years.
      With this Kmart closing (clearly the store incurred next to nothing in ongoing capital expenses and likely had very low rent), what does that say about the Haywood Mall Sears closing at some point?
    • By mallguy
      I've posted about this building before-the yellow former hotel that is across the street from First Presbyterian and diagonally across from the Aloft hotel.  I've always been intrigued by it.
      Why hasn't it been renovated like the Poinsett Hotel was?  Is its interior just nothing to be excited about, and too costly to fix up? 
      Are there are any plans or rumors about it?  It's certainly a good location now.  I assume that there are so many new hotels coming downtown that it would be a while before such a large block of hotel space would be needed.
      I also remember going to the Poinsett Hotel in the '80s when it was senior housing.  The main restaurant (overlooking Main Street) was open then, even though the rest of the building was a retirement center. I wonder if the main restaurant space in the Greenville Summit could be fixed up and open to the public in that way?
      I remember when it was a dumpy hotel in the '70s, then closed, and then derelict, and then fixed up in the '80s, but it's looking pretty ragged again (not as bad as it was, though).  Couldn't it be turned into better housing than it is now-perhaps a small hotel and condos?  While I'd be reluctant to move its current residents, such a prime piece of real estate surely hasn't found its best use as low-income housing.
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