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Here is a little article about 6 projects that have been approved for brownfield tax credits.

I'm glad to see the Forest Arms apartments on there. There was a big fire a while a back


I'm surprised to see the that the Scott Castle (James Scott Mansion) will be turned into apartments and condo's. I figured it would just sit there and get demolished one day.


I'm curious to know what 7 building near Eastern Market are being turned into townhomes and apartments.

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Joel Landy has owned the Scott Mansion for years. He does good work, but the projects seem to take forever to get off the ground...just like everything else in this city. He has renovated many shells in the Cass Corridor into viable buildings, including a few that the city was hell-bent on tearing down. He was responsible for some of the renovation work on the same block (closer to Woodward). In fact, he was planning new construction in the area too, but I'd be surprised to see that get started before the renovation projects are complete.

I was most excited to hear that the Book Mansion is getting renovated. It's not in the best shape anymore, since it's been abandoned for a few years and has been stripped out in the meantime. There have been a lot of problems with people stripping houses in Indian Village, especially within the last month.

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The Scott at Brush Park - located on the north end of Brush Park along Woodward - started moving in folks in December.  This $65 million building includes 199 apartments and 4 or 5 ground floor commercial spaces.  Some of the amenities include an outdoor pool and spa, community kitchen, 24/7 conceirge service, and rooftop terrace with outdoor fireplaces among other things.  Photos are by Michelle & Chris Gerard courtesy of Curbed Detroit.






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A cool renvation.  The Stone Soap factory on Riopelle in Rivertown will be renovated and vertically expanded:




It will include 63 units, 20% of which will be affordable.  33 will be in the renovated factory, and 30 units will be in the new construction vertical expansion.  The original building was completed in 1907.

The project also includes a 13,000 square foot "European-style" market on the ground floor, meaning an open-concept market.

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An update on City Club Apartments CBD Detroit.  This will have 288 units, 2-levels of underground parking, and retail.  I believe they've already signed a gourmet market and pet store for some of the retail, and are in the process of signing some restaurants.

July 30 - City Club Apartments CBD Detroit

Kirk Pinho




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Looks like FCA will be transforming it's idled Mack Avenue Engine 2 plant into a full assmebly plant for it's Jeep brand.




Detroit — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV plans to convert an idled engine plant in the city into an assembly plant as part of the automaker's plans to add a new three-row Jeep SUV to its lineup, The Detroit News has learned.

The Auburn Hills-based automaker plans to revive Mack Avenue Engine II, which has been idled since 2012, as an assembly plant building a new three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee for model year 2021, multiple sources familiar with the plans told The News. The move could add as many as 400 new auto jobs in the city. 



Since the current engine plant is only around 650,000 square feet, I imagine this will also include an expansion.

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Seven Detroit neighborhoods to get $35M boost for development

Detroit  — Seven neighborhoods will get a $35 million boost from seven companies to help kickstart redevelopment in areas of the city that residents say are often neglected.

Describing the effort as "historic commitments" to the neighborhoods, city officials announced Monday that the funding will be used to improve parks, streetscapes and commercial corridors as well as single-family and affordable housing over the next five years.

The areas:


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Update on 8th Street Row in Elton Park nearby: https://twitter.com/DetDevelopment/status/1150796178176585730




A smaller development updates from Detroit Development News twitter: https://twitter.com/DetDevelopment

James Place Lofts - 11 for-sale condos in Brush Park




The Corner - 111 apartments and retail, Corktown, old Tiger Stadium site.


The Towns at the Corner - 35 for-sale townhomes around the corner.


North End infill - 12 new homes and 7 rehabbed directly east of New Center





7.Liv - 7 Mile and Livernois, Northwest side - 10 apartments, and 20,500 of commercial space



Finished product:



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This is some nice, modern infill in Woodbridge.


Boutique condo development to soon break ground in Woodbridge



Woodbridge is mostly known for its tree-lined streets and historic single-family homes built in the early 20th century. A new development will be a rare break from that mold.

Levels Commonwealth will bring three boutique condominiums covering one story each to 4530 Commonwealth Street near Forest Avenue. It’s set to break ground in August and slated for a spring 2020 completion.

Each 1,087 square feet unit will come with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and share the same features and floor plan. There will be a combination of wood and concrete flooring, quartz countertops, low-e glass windows, a private terrace, and a detached garage, to name a few.

They units will start $349,000 and go up with successive floors.

Speaking of Woodbridge infill, something more traditional soon to go up:



Construction to begin soon on Woodbridge townhome development



Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood is filled with dozens of over 100-year-old Victorian homes.

Soon joining the mix will be new townhouses attempting to fit in with the neighborhood’s historic character. Woodbridge Crossing will eventually be 12 homes in six buildings on Lincoln Street between Canfield and Calumet streets, just outside the Woodbridge Historic District.

Construction will begin the first phase of six homes in the next thirty days. The developer, Scripps Park Associates, hopes to have the buildings done within 10 months.


Back downtown...

A new look for the planned renovation of 511 Woodward:




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Book Tower restoration to feature hotel, retail, office space

Detroit — Bedrock plans to bring the iconic Book Tower back to life with a mix of residential, hotel, retail and office space.

New York-based architect ODA was chosen from among 10 firms to lead the design effort in restoring the nearly 500,000-square-foot Washington Boulevard structure originally built in 1916.

“We selected them because they have quite a few projects around the country and around the world where they take a grand, historic icon and restore that building both back to its original moment in time, but then take it forward into the next century,” said Melissa Dittmer, chief design officer for Bedrock.

ODA’s design work includes the historic post office, POSTKantoor in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and a warehouse converted into a coworking space, 10 Jay, in New York City.




The project will include the reopening of the historic skylight and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

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