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Puerto Rican Exodus to Orlando.

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If, as seems quite likely, we do see many islanders joining family and friends here in central Florida, it will be interesting to watch the continuing political transition of areas like East Orange, Oak Ridge/Sky Lake, Osceola County and Deltona.

While some suggested that Puerto Ricans were open to both parties as we first saw  folks from the NYC and island communities coming to Orlando in the 1990s, it has been suggested President Trump's response to Hurricane Maria on the island may lead new residents even more toward the Democrats this time. That could be a big game-changer in both Orange and Volusia elections.

Unlike Mexican and other Hispanic immigrants, Puerto Ricans are of course already US citizens and could impact local elections quickly if the local parties are energetic in registering the new folks to vote. We may see an impact as soon as 2018.




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The island is literally unlivable. We are at that point in time when its just absurd to stay in the island. Vile Political corruption and Maria were the last ticking bombshells. A gallon of milk will pretty soon hit the $10 mark. Light bills rank up in the mid $200s. The director of Energy just gave himself a $450,000 salary. How?? there's literally no money!! ..The US President doesn't even make that much!!


There has been 130+ gun violence shootings on the island this year alone (we are only in month 3).  i know fox news isn't the best source but it summarizes the civilian tension thats happening

migration waves aren't stopping anytime soon. 

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