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House of Blues/hotel/office space, 18 stories, 105-107 1st Ave. South

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This isn't a part of the Broadway historic district.  It isn't threatening any old buildings on Broadway or any other street.  It's taking the place of a long empty, desolate lot that has served as a

^ ^ ^ That's exactly what House of Blues is like in Chicago.  The building sits on a lot of similar size to what's being discussed here.  

I'm thinking that designs will be primarily brick so that it will fit in with the Acme Feed building and the historical overlay.   This will be exciting as it will provide another world-class perfo

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I am not sure this site fits with HoB with regards to overall size. From the TN below, “Sloan saw potential project designs for the roughly 0.43-acre parking lot a block south of Broadway,”.

If you look at the size of the HoB in other cities, this location would be woefully small for such a venue.

I am also not convinced after talking to William because MJM architecture, does crappy suburban junk and not high-rise buildings. The land would be a land lease and we do not know who the developer is.


Below is seating capacity for HoB in other cities according to Wiki. Average seating capacity is 1643!


 Compared to City Winery:


Size of City Winery Nashville:

Capacity 500 seated/650 standing/ 30,000 sq. ft. building. seated / 650 standing

Capacity: 500 seated / 650 standing

Square Footage of some of their facilities.


House of Blues® Anaheim at Garden Walk! This 40,000 square foot site is located within walking distance of Downtown Disney


House of Blues® Houston  Featuring 43,000 square feet of flexible design space


House of Blues Orlando  With over 20,000 square-feet of flexible event space


House of Blues Cleveland  65,000 square-foot venue


House of Blues®Chicago  The 55,000 square foot site features indoor space

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I could see them stacking three levels of viewing so that they could get more people into such a small footprint. If the building itself covers 17,000 sq feet, it is possible that the main viewing space for the crowd could actually be on the second floor of the building and cover 9,000 sq feet with two balconies covering 4500 sq feet. That would leave 8,000 sq feet on the main floor for the stage, bathrooms, food area, etc. That would yield a total of 18,000 sq feet of viewing space, which when combined with square footage for the stage, lobby, common areas, etc, could be counted in the 20-30,000 sq foot range. 

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The architects for this project are not smart enough to pull that off and put an 18 story hotel on top of it. It will just be a bland ugly building unless they get decent folks on board. I may be wrong, but I just don't think this will get out of the ground, for the reasons stated above. We still do not know who the developers are and until then we will just have to wait and see. 


How many times have we gotten projects announced that have been talking something big. The Smithfield Project, The Disney Hotel, and the outlandish projects like the Jestson's Marina tower planned on the thermal site or the giant Guitar building.

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12 hours ago, Hey_Hey said:

I love the interior of the Chicago House of Blues, but the outside.....no. That’s a huge blank wall.

I second that.       And while the Chicago HOB architecture works next to the modernist Marina Towers, it would be very out of sync with the 1800's brick architecture of Lower Broad and First Ave.       

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31 minutes ago, markhollin said:

Don't fixate on the exterior design of House of Blues in Chicago. 

This. My excitement is for the interior -and as a music nut; the venue possibilities. Having it as a contextually relevant partial pedestal for an attractive, brick-or whatever good-clad tower sounds cool.

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Also just did some figuring, and the footprint of the Masonic Lodge at Broadway and 7th Ave. North is nearly identical to the lot size under consideration for House of Blues.

The Masonic  Lodge includes a 1,200 seat theater (with no balcony) with a 90' wide, 40' deep stage, which is more than industry standards for music shows at this time.  Also has many offices and meeting rooms.  So, just by comparison, this site along 1st Ave. has the dimensions that would work nicely for that size venue, as well as a narrow boutique hotel/office space for LiveNation Productions built over one end of the structure.

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