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If you had four hours


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4 hours isn't very long but. . . 
Obligatory walk around Lake Eola. Rent a CitiBike and ride the OUT up to Winter Park to check out some shops and eat at a nice restaurant on the strip. Ride the Sunrail back down to Church street and grab some drinks or brews at a couple downtown spots. 

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It would wholly depend on their interests. 

I've actually done this with my Brit buddy's little brother/sister.  They had an 8+ hour layover, so I picked them up and we spent 3 or 4 hours at Disney Springs, the outlet malls, and dinner.  The shopping aspect being pure misery for me, but they needed clothes and the exchange rate was AMAZING at that time.  Took them back to the airport and WHOOOOSH off they went to South America.

I'd include food/beer for most people and base the rest on things they loved. 

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Back in the 80's an elderly aunt from Germany came to stay with my folks over in Brevard County for a month. She was getting a little  bored after a couple of weeks, so one day I had them come over here to Orlando to give her something different to do. 

Went up to Winter Park first. Strolled up and down Park Avenue and through the park. She liked that, especially the little hidden courtyards. Had lunch at the Olive Garden that used to be there then some coffee and dessert across the street at East India. After that, we did the Winter Park lakes boat tour. She liked that, too.

After that, we came back to Lake Eola and did a stroll around the park. 

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If it's summer time, take a few hours and hit Rock Springs/Wekiva Springs.  I've taken out of towners there a few times (for a half day and whole) and all have raved about the experience.

This time of year, I would show someone Lake Eola, Thornton Park for a drink, and finish at Dickson Azalea for a peaceful stroll.

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