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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

Mama Lenas was great but they do have some great restaurants in downtown Waxhaw.  It is probably my favorite small town in the metro area. 

I agree.  Waxhaw is really beautiful.  I love how the train runs through it too.  It gives the place such a country feeling (despite the fact that there are some opulent McMansions nearby).

I've always wanted to see an express train line built adjacent to those tracks and then run down Independence into Uptown.  

Downtown Monroe has a lot of potential.   The architecture is really nice.

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On 9/9/2020 at 9:03 PM, KJHburg said:

was down in the village of Wesley Chapel which at last count is over 9100 people and growing.  In this largely formerly rural crossroads, they zoned 3 corners for shopping centers and have a great tax base compared to some of Union County towns.  They have 201 Central the Harris Teeter wine store across from a regular Harris Teeter and another shopping center with Target and Petsmart and several restaurants.  Their tax rate is a couple of pennies per $100 of value. 

I forgot these 201 Central stores were even still around.  From when they bought Lowes food stores in this area and they wanted to keep others out.  




I went to Wesley Chapel Elementary. Sure has changed a lot since then.

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all over western Union county today and needed a quick place to stop to eat a quick bite.  

Thank goodness I remembered  Marvin Gardens in town of Marvin.

Super clean Publix with large 2nd floor dining area with balcony.

Look at these demos from the developer.

1-Mile Radius 3-Mile Radius 5-Mile Radius 2019 Population 2,764    34,003       106,026 

Average HH Income $188,506 $180,697 $150,417 2019 Median HH Income $156,561 $151,817 $119,4



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