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San Antonio | Ferris Wheel | 900' | Proposed


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An FAA filing was made in October for a 900' Ferris Wheel/Observation Wheel.  This would be much taller than any other Ferris Wheel in existence.  The world's next new tallest Ferris Wheel is U/C in Dubai, and it's less than 700' tall.  The location is a vacant area in the middle of an ugly industrial near the San Antonio River.  The location in this Google view is the vacant area in the middle:  


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I need to wrap this story up.  A second FAA filing was made by the same guy for a 900' Ferris Wheel in the parking lot of the ATT Center.  The local media sniffed him out, and he's a nut job.  He's not even a developer and has no connection to the sites indicated in his FAA filings.  His social media accounts are good indicators that he is unstable. 

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