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On 4/15/2020 at 10:07 PM, nite owℓ said:

@3:03 Casually chucks his gps out of the window :lol:

@9:33 "Orange Street and Church Street is where...." :rolleyes:

I hope he went back and picked his junk up out of the median.

Stinkin' litterbug.



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One day in the future folks will no doubt why we surrendered so much public space to automobiles. 

But then we were once lulled into believing that what was good for General Motors was good for the country, so there’s that...


From Vox

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I had a just wow moment yesterday.  A man who lives in one of the nearby neighborhoods is apparently (I haven't seen him myself, but lots have) protesting the neighborhood over this "HOAX PANDEMIC LIE" which seems odd.  Why protest your neighbors?  Is he too lazy to protest city hall?  Is he too scared he might  get sick protesting with others?  I don't know the answers.  It did make me go JUST WOW, though.

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He doesn't seem to be blaming it on 5G, although that's an awesome reason, but just claiming it is a hoax.  He apparently told reporters (this is here-say from neighbors) that if he gets it as a STRONG MAN IN HIS 60S that he will not even likely notice it.

That's a special kind of stupid.


I read an article about a guy on an island with no 5G that has protesters blaming their cases on 5G.  I'm not sure how that works.  Ban something you don't have?

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Woohoo! OCLS will start processing and delivering books and other items after May 11; the drop off bins are available May 15 and books checked out before the library closed are now due June 1.

No word yet on when the branches themselves will be open but this is YUGE. I just requested the new bio, “Pelosi”, and can’t wait.

Sadly, the Jesse Stone and Spenser novels are delayed until fall (one usually comes out around Memorial Day), so my beach thriller reading is alas curtailed (at least I CAN go to the beach again - have you noticed how blue the sky is with car traffic down)?

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Fun Fact.  I grew up in Youngstown, OH which is where the Cavalier, Cobolt, and Cruze were built.  (Technically Lordstown, but basically a suburb of Ytown).

I don't think I caught that episode of Glee.  I quit watching around the time they shot people out of cannons.   It just became too much of a suspension of disbelief for me.

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If you’re gay (or just happen to like m/m fiction; most readers of the genre are straight women - who knew?), there’s a new novel out, “Home Again”, by W.S. Long.

It’s notable for us because our heroes grew up in Thornton Park and have moved back 15 years later.

Yep, even Beefy King, the ancient Colonial Dr. Winn-Dixie and the John Long pool all get a mention.

It’s available on Kindle.

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