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The Hub is currently in the approval process.  While the planning commission recently couldn't reach a consensus on the project over parking concerns, the developer wants the council to schedule a public hearing for this one in December, anyway.  The Hub is a 10-story building on Grand River just east of downtown in the East Village district.  It contains 347 student-oriented apartments, approximately 12,200 square feet of ground floor retail giving existing tenants at the site lease options, and 158 parking spaces in the basement, on the first floor (behind the retail), first floor mezzanine, and a bit on the second floor.  First floor parking is for retail customers, the rest is for residents.  The second floor contains amenities for the residents which includes a fitness room, clubroom, computer lab, study lab, and theater.  The rooftop deck area also contains a clubroom and outdoor terrace.


Hub3 by NewCityOne, on Flickr


Hub2 by NewCityOne, on Flickr


Hub1 by NewCityOne, on Flickr

The building will be 144 feet tall to the top of the elevator overrun.  Since it's not a floor it doesn't count against the development as it relates to the city's 140-foot height limit.  The roof is at 119 feet, but there is an elevated pool deck over half of it, and the deck level is at 124 feet.

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