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Hourglass District


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I was trying to find the entire plan by searching the "Interstruct" web page but coudlnt find anything. I also searched on Orange County page and couldnt find anything.

The horizontal street is Curry Ford, one of the cross street is Bumby. But there is plan to make a "complete street" from Bumby to Gaston Foster.




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Thanks a million for the road names, it matched what I suspected but things like the park space in front of the retail strip attached to the Mobil station threw me off.   

More thoughts:

I've been relatively negative on this because I didn't like a developer getting to name something on a whim.  I'm giving this firm credit though, they are buying and investing in enough parcels that I think if Craig Ustler gets to name the North Quarter, let's give these guys the same right.   And it's not just that they are buying and rehabbing, but making fairly bold changes like the aforementioned park space is pretty huge.   SoDo and Mills50 don't have it and they've a bunch of City money and infrastructure to boot.  So again, hats off to National Real Estate for that.

The Food Truck stall thing is intriguing.  That structure is there now and my first take was they looked at it and said "we can fit a food truck in there."  In practice, I'm wondering how they will make it work.  It looks like the trucks are kind of stuck in their stalls with no customer access.  If the whole thing is that static, wouldn't it be neat to see them get direct power to eliminate the need for generators?

The (5) Single Family Homes look like row homes in the rendering.  I do hope these turn out well and not like the just-built cookie cutter ones on the south side of Curry Ford across from the now-closed gas station.  

Overall really excited to see how this turns out.  Including how bold they go with their first new construction in the area, (4) Mixed Use Building.   Between the stuff happening at the curb on the main road and the decision to tuck away parking, the residual effects of this "better block" might be a case study for many other areas of the city that just aren't getting it done (Again, MILLS AND FIFTY).


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“We turned that community into what it is. Buildings had been on septic and were run down. There was crime and violence,” Fernandez said. “And we now own every single building in the Hourglass District. We do not want some other business nearby to say, ‘Hey, we are the Hourglass District.’ ”

Wow, real community focused...

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Yea I live very close and I read the article all I could think of is "wow what a bunch of jerks".   No way they own every building in that area for one.  I'm sure 7-11 would have something to say about that.  I guess they're afraid the Curry Ford West mainstreet district is going to adopt the Hourglass District name?

As a sidenote if they own that plaza, that Mobil station really needs to fix their sign.  They're not going to stay open if they keep looking closed and these broken signs don't make the neighborhood look better.

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This whole licensing of popular names thing, is something that has been occurring more and more frequently in recent years.

Not long ago, there was a bit of a legal flap involving some t-shirt company up in NY, that was trying to license a certain term that is commonly used for an annual event which occurs in Florida every year. I think the term might've been "Bike Week". 

They wanted to license the term so that the sale of any piece of merchandise with that term printed on it or any other commercial use of it, would incur a payment or fee to them.

At any rate, they ended up in court with the City of Daytona Beach. The whole thing appeared to be just an attempted money grab by some for profit concern that wanted to co-opt a term they had nothing to do with creating for their own financial interest.

Draw your own conclusions here.

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Per the Orlando Sentinel: Curry Ford Road experiment will squeeze car lanes for bike lanes

Starting late March, Curry Ford (between Crystal Lake & Bumby) will be going on a temporary road diet for four weeks to study how it will reduce traffic speed and increase pedestrian activity. The data collected during the trial period will be provided in a case study for the Complete Streets Coalition - Safe Streets Academy. The stretch will include a bike lane on each side of the road, reduced car lanes and median crosswalks.

It will be interesting to see how the City will safely implement a temporary road diet... unless they plan on restriping the road each time?

Concept Rendering:




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I attended the info meeting the city held last week about this project. They'll be using paint and temporary stick-style barricades to help define the bike lanes, mid-block crosswalks, and other features. Originally they had planned to run the demonstration project from Bumby to Conway Gardens but the short timeline mandated by Safe Streets America necessitated having to pull back the scope to Bumby-Crystal Lake.


Fun fact that was mentioned during the meeting: the test section of Curry Ford handles fewer cars per day than a similar sized section of Edgewater Drive through CP. The more you know ...


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