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2018 Predictions/Wishlist

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A lot of these are from blurbs alluded to in recent articles.

-Norfolk decides to build the elusive arena at Military Circle
-Norfolk officially decides to expand light rail to the airport, with bus rapid transit to ODU and NOB
-A Fortune 500 company brings a massive number of jobs to the region, prompting Norfolk and VB to build another couple of towers downtown and in Town Center

-An official plan unveiled for SPQ that involves mixed-use housing and a couple of towers, and no cold feet from council or Mayor
-Phase IV approved at Town Center
-Flights to Europe and the West Coast from ORF
-New pier development at the Oceanfront approved
-Development next to Harbor Park announced
-Major development for Ocean View proposed

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I didn't have the time when I posted this to write mine out but now I do so ...



Announcement of 30+ story tower in downtown 

Fortune 1000 company announces to move HQ to downtown 

Flights from ORF to Europe and the west coast

Arena at military circle 

Development around Harbor Park 



New office building announced downtown 

The next phase of town center is approved

A new flight further west from ORF

Pier development at the Oceanfront 




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