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A sign recently went up at a county run mental health facility in the Rainey St. District.  It's for a project that's only 25-stories.  But it's mostly - if not all - office, so it should hit the 300' threshold I use for creating dedicated project threads.  Austin Towers has an article about it, and these are from Austin Towers:  



These are from the architect's website:


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The leasing link in my previous post was for a short term lease for the one-story building on the site.  But a second leasing opportunity has popped up on CBRE for 700,000 sq. ft. in the proposed building.  The  visionary rendering of the 25-story building proposed for the site has nowhere near 700,000 sq. ft. of space.  A building on that site would need to be around 40-stories to have 700,000 sq. ft. of leasable space.  Anyway, here's another rendering of the 25-story version from the marketing materials:  



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I'm putting a fork in this project as well as a couple others that I have a thread for.  The developer has been buying up prime (and expensive) downtown property for years, and has done nothing with them except pay property taxes - not a winning business model.  Apparently he is a nut job and is facing several law suits in addition to having his current offices, previous offices and his home raided by the FBI and Treasury Department this week.

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