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Orlando's Hometown National Champions


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5 hours ago, Jernigan said:

Ironically the playoff was developed to prevent this from happening (used to happen all the time with no playoff).


The BCS with the BCS National Championship game was supposed to prevent it from happening during its era too, USC said otherwise.

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Went down to the block party last night and it was extremely busy.  People everywhere. 

I parked at Sand Lake and took the SunRail down, mostly just to ride the train, but also because traffic was a nightmare.  It was quick and painless and roundtrip was $3.75 instead of paying for a garage parking spot.  It just took a few minutes to get there.  The time schedule could have been much better is my only real complaint.

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30 minutes ago, Dale said:

Kudos to UCF for its #13 finish last year. Best UCF team ever ...


*runs away*

What I love is how the media keeps running with this and even more that the Alabama freakin' Crimson Tide is obsessed with it (you'd think if it didn't matter we'd be beneath their notice.)

In any event, a directional school no one outside Florida ever heard of (except some computer science types) is now known to just about any college football fan. As great as Coach Frost was, Danny White is the true genius.

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A really good look at what's in store for the Knights in the first year with Coach Heup. Note the columnist argues UCF HAD to get obnoxious about the national champions riff in order to ever move the P5 forward to inclusiveness. We're not the first G5 team to be jobbed in the process and sadly we won't be the last.


From SB Nation

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21 hours ago, spenser1058 said:

Four Knights to the NFL in this year's draft (best performance since 2003.) Charge On!

Three more were picked up by teams after the draft as undrafted free agents:

  1. Jordan Franks TE to Cincinnati Bengals
  2. Jamiyus Pittman DT to Miami Dolphins
  3. Aaron Evans OL to Philadelphia Eagles

The four that were drafted:

  1. Mike Hughes DB to Minnesota Vikings (FIRST ROUND!)
  2. Tre'Quan Smith WR to New Orleans Saints (3rd round)
  3. Jordan Akins TE to Houston Texans (3rd round)
  4. America's sweetheart Shaquem Griffin to Seattle Seahawks (5th round)


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As a sidenote:

In addition to showing he had skills on the field, Mr. Griffin shined to the press and the league with his humility and heart.  It's a feel-good story because the guy has one hand, but it's not very convincing if he wasn't quite good on the field.  Him actually being better than the overwhelming number of his college contemporaries, but doing it with one hand made for a huge story.  I'm sure it would be more pity than praise if he wasn't legitimately good. ( AAC defensive player of the year, Peach Bowl defensive MVP, CLASS award winner, and 2nd team All-American, etc.)

He has been rewarded with sponsorships from at least 5 major companies.

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ESPN has this look at how new head coaches are doing this spring.  What's interesting is that all the teams mentioned are P5... except UCF.

Danny White's ploy is putting us in conversations we never would have been a part of before.


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Here's an interesting thought from Matt Baker at the St. Pete Times about creative ways to improve the strength of schedule in college football to increase the likelihood of an appearance by a G5 team in the CFP. It's only incremental, but so long as the P5 teams control the machinery, we'll have to do what we can from the margins.


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