Austin Tallest Projects List | August 2018

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Edited on 08/25/2018.

Here’s Rev. 7 of my 2018 list of Austin’s tallest projects that have at least one building 150’ tall or taller or appear to based on available information.  The projects  at the top of the list keep getting taller, and there are 31 projects between 300' and 850'.  The Planned projects could eventually add around 10 more towers to that total.   

There are five status types: 

U/C – Cement has been poured

Site Demo – At least one structure on the site has been or is being demolished

Site Prep – Dirt is moving or utility work is underway

Proposed – A specific project has been announced or project documents have been filed with the city

Planned – A project is envisioned, but no specific project has been announced or had building permits filed with the city


Note:  Projects are listed from tallest to shortest with the exception of the “Planned” projects.  "Planned" projects may be viable projects with tall buildings, but I didn’t want them to be listed with the projects that are further along in the development process.  So projects with a "Planned" status are at the bottom of the list. 

Some of the “Proposed” projects are having trouble getting underway.  But I still list the projects as “Proposed” if the original developer still owns the site or the site was sold with an approved site plan.

Projects highlighted in green are underway, and may have a status other than “U/C”.

Projects highlighted in yellow were completed in the current calendar year and have been removed from the project count.



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