Nashville as possible location of Apple's HQ2?

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Could Nashville be in the running as a candidate for Apple's next HQ city?  They have committed to 20,000 new employees and $350 billion in investment within the country over the next 5 years, including another large HQ.

The Mayor and Chamber of Commerce made a major pitch to Amazon, so tweaking another presentation to Apple shouldn't be that much extra work.  We certainly have the space downtown at River North, as well as large sections of SoBro and Midtown that could work well for a campus that will be about 30-40% the size of what Amazon is seeking.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.51.37 AM.png

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Gonna go ahead and say "absolutely not" and add to that a "no way in hell."

Being "downtown" is not exactly what Apple will seek. Even 1 Infinity Loop, while close to the core of Cupertino, is in an effective suburb of San Jose. The new campus is even less urban. So that negates Davidson County as a whole, to me.  There's a dozen political reasons as well, but I'm staying away from those.

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